In order to power the draught cooler and bottle chiller units, access to at least one mains or two generator powered electrical points will be required at your chosen venue. We are able to procure a license for your event until 11 p.m., or should your event be a special occasion as defined by current licensing regulations, until midnight.

The charge for the licensed cash bar set-up is 250 if booked at least 4 weeks in advance, or 300 if booked within 4 weeks of the event. This charge is based on the bar operating for five hours. The charge includes staffing, and is payable on booking of the event.

We offer seasonal and early booking discounts on the mobile bar hire charge. Please call us on 01273 591058 or e-mail us for details!

In the absence of adequate washing up facilities at the venue, a range of durable, single-use, disposable beverage service ware is used. Otherwise, glassware is used.

We require a copy of the invitation for your event to process the application for the license. You may download a bar booking form by clicking here which should be completed and returned to use with your invitation or as soon as it is available. Please refer to our Terms of Business for further details.

We specialise in the installation and operation of mobile bars at large scale events and festivals, as well as franchised or contracted permanent bars. For a free quote, please contact us with your specific requirements.

For any further information, please use the aforementioned contact details.