At Friends Catering Services our objective is to provide our customers with the highest quality at the best value for money. We are able to do this,  thanks to our just-in-time procurement, efficient purchasing and stock control systems.

We provide only top branded beverages at all events. Typically, we stock in excess of 40 top brands and 50 individual stock items. They are served by our uniformed, friendly and highly experienced staff, who deliver our customary excellent service.

We are able to provide your favourite drink and real ales, by prior arrangement, subject to availability.

Should you wish us to provide your guests with complimentary drinks on arrival or indeed throughout your event, you may arrange this with us prior to the day of the event, or deposit cash behind the bar on the day of your event.

Should you have any queries or requirements other than those mentioned, please contact us at 01273 591058 or via e-mail at

Our current bar prices are listed below.
  Stella Artois 4.0% Large 3.20p   Archer's Schnapps 23%


      Small 1.60p   Bacardi Rum 37.5% 2.50p
  Whitbread Best 3.6% Large 2.90p   Brandy V S 40% 2.50p
      Small 1.50p   Havana Club Rum 40% 2.50p
  Made up Shandy at price of beer base     Tanqueray Gin 43.1% 2.50p
        Jack Daniel's 40% 2.50p
      Malibu 21% 2.50p
  Beck's Bier  I 5%   3.00p   Southern Comfort 40% 2.50p
  Beck's  Blue I 0.05%   2.50p   Absolut Vodka 40% 2.50p
  Budweiser Budvar I 5%   3.20p   Whisky - standard 40% 2.50p
  Corona Export I 4.60%   3.20p   Whiskey - malt / Irish 40% 3.00p
  Marstons/Brakspear's as spec 3.00p        
  Peroni Nastro Azzuro I 5.10% 3.20p    
  Tiger  I 5%   3.20p    
  Bulmer's Cider (568ml) 4.50%   3.50p   Appletise   1.80p
  Kopparberg Pear Cider I 4.50%   3.50p   Baby Mixers / Juices   1.20p
  Speciality Beers as spec   3.50p   Coke / Diet Coke Small 1.50p
  Smirnoff Ice 5%   3.00p     Large 2.20p
  Red Bull 0%   2.50p   Lemonade Small 1.50p
  I = imported           Large 2.20p
    Fentimans Ginger Beer/ Lemonade 2.20p
    Juice & Lemonade (small) 1.80p
  Bailey's Irish Cream 17%   3.00p   Juice & Lemonade (large) 2.20p
  Cinzano / Martini 15%   2.50p   J2O 2.00p
  Port - Ruby 20%   2.50p   Mineral / Squash Dash 0.70p
  Sherry 17%   2.50p   Mineral Water (1.5Litre) 2.90p
  Stones Ginger Wine 13.5%   1.80p   Mineral Water (500ml) 1.50p
            Schweppes Juices (200ml) 1.50p
  Pimm's (50ml) & Lemonade   3.50p      
  Liqueurs & Shots (25ml)   2.50p  
  Small (125ml)     2.50p  
  Medium (175ml)     3.50p  
  Large (250ml)     4.50p  
  Wine & Soda  (medium)     4.00p        
  Bottle of Wine   13.00p