At Friends Catering Services, all aspects of our business conform to our Environmental Policy as follows:

Energy Conservation
We strive to save energy when chilling our beverages by having our beverages delivered directly to our cold rooms. The cold rooms maintain the temperature at around 8 degrees Centigrade. Before taking bottled beverages outside to your event, they are chilled down to 4 degrees Centrigrade overnight, then transported in commercial cold boxes to your event an hour before they are required for service. The cold boxes maintain the temperature of the contents for 24 hours. This also means we do not require refrigeration facilities at your venue.

Our modern, state-of-the-art waterless flash coolers chill the draught beer and lager instantly, and turn off automatically when not being used. In addition to this, as our lager and beer kegs are also stored in temperature controlled cold rooms, the coolers utilize less power to chill them to service temperature.

Our vehicles are regularly serviced and well maintained, and our drivers are trained in good driving practice to be fuel efficient, and of course to be safe and be considerate to other road users.

100% Recycling
All empty bottles, single use disposable beverage serviceware, and cardboard boxes are recycled.

Should your venue have a glass washing machine, then we would use glassware for beverage service.

We are actively looking into using only biodegradable beverage serviceware instead of plastic and will start doing so once we get consistency of supply.

Paperless Operation
We are striving towards an entirely paperless operation. To this end, we have published all our brochures and price lists on our websites, and use e-mail as much as possible to correspond with our clients and suppliers. However, we can send you a hard copy of our brochure which is printed on 100% recycled paper, by post on request.

All staff members are trained and hence fully conversant with the above, and are encouraged to suggest ways of improving our operational efficiency, with a view to softening our impact on the environment.